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Fitness Goals

Who is interested in reaching their fitness goals but just doesn't have the drive to get after it?

Chalk it Up Fitness will get you on that track and you will have so much fun doing it! yes we are a small gym but doesn't that make it better so that you become a fitness family? Everyone in this gym helps push everyone to reach their goals.

Give Chalk It Up Fitness a chance.. You will NOT be disappointed!

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Crossfit Games

Even though Chalk It Up Fitness is not a Crossfit affiliate. I love to watch the games and see all the team, all ages and individuals compete. It's amazing watching these men and women push their bodi

Fitness Recovery

Chalk It Up Fitness is huge into recovery after a hard workout. We love the brand Life Aid. You have everything you need in one can after your workout, with only 40 calories in it. Muscle tissue break

Healthy Eating

Eating after or even before a workout can be hard especially for someone that is always on the go like me! Protein, carbs, and fats are so essential for your body after a workout. Protein helps to reb


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