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Fitness in Wilmington NC Chalk It Up Fitness

So I just want to start my introducing myself! My name is Kelsey Perusse and I am the owner of #chalkitupfitness We are located in Monkey Junction across from the Walmart on #CarolinaBeachRd. (5208 Carolina Beach Rd suite 101 28412).

I graduated from #Catawba college in 2014 with an #AthleticTraining degree as well as an #ExerciseScience degree. While at Catawba College I played Lacrosse and I loved every minute of it. The #workouts, the practices the games, and being able to learn how my body works when it comes to #nutrition. After I graduated I moved to #Wilmington NC and stared doing Crossfit at one of the #localgyms, and I loved it! But what I didn't love was when a new person would come in and try it out and they were not as experienced as the others in their #lifts, they didn't feel accepted in the group.

Working out in a gym creates a family and thats exactly what I wanted to do with Chalk It Up Fitness. I love #training new people that come in and they get to see how much they can really #lift. It's so rewarding to me to see people do things that they never expected they could ever do in their lives.

I want to #invite people in the Wilmington area to come check us out. Especially the people that live in #monkeyjunction or #CarolinaBeach. We have a fantastic #workout atmosphere, and we would love to grow our #fitnesscommunity.

Email me any time.

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