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Phone:(208) 610-6426 call/text


5208 Carolina Beach Rd SUITE 101 Wilmington NC 28412

      For classes                       OPEN GYM

          M-F(not WEDS)                                 24/7






Chalk It Up Fitness (am classes only)
$120.00 Per month 

22Much Training & Bootcamp(PM classes only)
$120.00 Per month 

Both classes (unlimited)
$140.00 Per month 

Afternoon classes 
22Much Training & Bootcamp
         45 min HIIT classes

Chalk It Up Fitness is a high intensity functional fitness and strength facility. Where we will provide members with everyday functional movement classes so that you can prove to yourself and others that you are stronger than you think and you can do anything you put your mind too.


At Chalk It Up Fitness we use Push Press for our software. Here once you make an account with Chalk It Up Fitness you will be able to track all of your numbers and fitness goals. You will also be able to buy memberships and apparel for Chalk It Up Fitness! We are so excited to start your journey

Classes and Memberships

Join Chalk It UP Fitness and Transform Your Body 


Chalk It Up Fitness will focus on bringing individuals together, to push each other to their limits and achieve their goals as a team.

Chalk It Up fitness is also renting out space for Personal Trainers, Yoga instructors, and any other one on one trainers during the hours of 8am-3pm. 


In 2 weeks you will feel it, in 4 weeks you will see it, and in 8 weeks you will hear it!

Don't give up at Chalk It Up Fitness. Even when you think your body isn't changing.. IT IS!

Sign up for our group classes so that you get the push you need to stay with it.


Trainer's with clients? 

If you have clients and are looking for a space to train them, Chalk It Up Fitness may be the best spot for you! We offer open space in the gym from 7am-3pm M-F for a flat monthly fee. (Your members will not have to buy a Chalk It Up membership). .

Chalk It Up Fitness has 3 squat racks/rigs, 2 assault bikes, 1 ski erg, 8-50lb DB, 8 Barbells, and over 1,500lb of weight plates. 

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